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Acrylic bath screen 700x1400 MM mod. Plutone with central opening

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Product Description

The Plutone bath screen selection is designed in PVC, a cheap and modern solution that is able to satisfy any kind of need. The acrylic panels offer a good stability, without adding too much weight to the whole structure. It is a made in Italy item, that was created on purpose to be installed in little time, so as to save on the costs for the assembly.


  • Bath screen 700x1400 MM that can be extended, in PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride: a recyclable, long-lasting and strong material), composed of 1 fixed side of 700 MM and 1 side of 1400 MM with central opening based on 1 sliding door. 2,2 mm acrylic panels
  • The item is sold in WHITE colour
  • Panel with a "rain drop pattern" as in the right detail of the picture, it is not clear
  • The fixed side can be reduced up to 30 mm, whereas the door side can be reduced up to 100 mm (Eg. 700x1400 MM is adjustable up to 670x1300 MM)
  • The shower tracks can be easily cut by means of a hacksaw (up to 100 mm for each side), in order to adjust them to every kind of bathtub.
  • Door opening: 615 MM
  • Height 1500 mm.
  • This bath screen is reversible for left or right hand installation (it is not necessary to communicate the direction that you need)
  • Adjustable if walls are not absolutely level.
  • Sliding door system based on nylon rollers
  • Fixing system in stainless steel.
  • Magnetic door seal
  • Abs accessory.
  • Bathtub not included.
  • This item complies with all the regulations in the field, and it includes also wall plugs and assembly instructions.
  • Made in Italy item.






Additional Information

Additional Information

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